Beating Blackheads Naturally

We all have had them or still struggle with them today and although seemingly benign, or even invisible to others around us, we all struggle to find the best ways to get rid of them.  I’m talking about blackheads, those black spots on skin that occur due to excess deposition of oil by our sebaceous glands which produce sebum, along with dead skin, dust, bacteria, and other impurities. It is believed that blackheads are one form of acne which appear on skin surface and easily get reacted with atmospheric oxygen, and as a result its color changes to black. Blackheads appear on skin surface where the skin area is dust prone, and where other impurities and debris are present and both males and females of any age group can get those nasty blackheads.  Besides the above listed reasons for them, blackheads are also caused by unclean skin and pollutants along with hormonal changes around pregnancy or menstruation in women, use of oil-based creams, humidity and stress.  Getting plenty of fresh air, sunlight, an anxiety-free life, drinking enough water, not eating junk foods are critical for healthy skin.  Avoiding refined sugar products, meat, excess dairy products may also prevent blackheads.  Also, keeping your diet rich in vitamin C is a great way to protect the skin (supplement your diet with vitamin C rich foods such as oranges, strawberries, lemons, etc); the Ayurvedic practitioners often recommend eating Indian gooseberry or amalaki to keep the blood “clean.”  Healthy gastro digestion is an important key in keeping blackheads and pimples away and this can be ensured by eating plenty of green vegetables and fruits.  Do note that fatty foods make the sebaceous glands work harder so they should be avoided if you’re looking for clean skin. Facial scrubs with oatmeal and masks of bentonite clay are great for loosening the pores’ contents and absorbing them out of the skin.  A honey mask is also a great daily facial “tonic” which will keep your skin bright and healthy.

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